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The Intuitive Tarot is a book and set of
tarot cards designed for enthusiasts at all levels.

The images are clear, dynamic, and highly original, enabling the newcomer to tarot to interpret the meanings with accuracy.

Equally, more experienced Tarot workers will enjoy their power and connection to the inner worlds. excerpt from a review by S. Huneidi (psychicsahar) – London, 2007 *****

The more I work with Cilla Conway’s cards, the more I appreciate the originality of her art and interpretation. I find the images stimulate the mind in new directions. It took Cilla nearly twenty years for her dream to manifest – and the results are a delight. She now conducts workshops on the subject (see below); I strongly recommend that you participate in one.

Stunning, February 7, 2008 *****
By B. Starbuck “AutumnWytch” (Denver, CO United States)

I have been collecting tarot cards for a while now and this deck is simply stunning! The colors of the artwork immediately drew me in and the artwork itself is extremely fascinating. There is an immediate connection to the images when you open the deck and it’s difficult to take your eyes off of them once you start flipping through the cards. The size of the cards and muted tones of the images give this deck an almost antique feel and there is a depth to these cards that is difficult to put into words – it’s something you just feel. I haven’t connected this quickly with a deck since my first deck several years ago.

The book is nicely laid out and Ms. Conway has included an area after each card description for the reader to write down their own intuitive insights for the cards. She also includes a few actual readings done for people using a variety of spreads.

Overall, this deck has become an immediate favorite and I look forward to working with these cards for many years to come.

The Intuitive Tarot
published by Connections Publishing (London)
and St Martin’s Press (New York)

ISBN: 978-0312329723

Please note: the UK version is currently out of print. However bookshops can obtain The Intuitive Tarot using the above US ISBN number

Price – £19.99 in UK

$24.99 in USA and Canada

(Signed copies available from the author – email for details)


Or order online from St Martin’s Press, New York (US or Canada)

or Connections Publishing (UK and the rest of the world)


Signed and numbered limited edition prints of individual tarot cards
are available from the author –

Unmounted – £25.00 (33.00 Euro, US$50.00) plus P&P
Mounted – £39.00 (51.00 Euro, US$77.50) plus P&P

Unmounted – £40.00 (52.50 Euro, US$ 80.00) plus P&P
Mounted – £56.00 (73.50 Euro, US$112.00) plus P&P


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Tarot Association of the British Isles
FREE READINGS by TABI members; membership of the main professional Tarot association in the UK; newsletter and personal and online forums

Atlantis Books, in Museum St, London, probably have an outlet in Diagon Alley. They are the oldest occult bookshop in Europe, with a history going back to 1922. The shops sells both new and secondhand occult, wiccan, tarot and esoteric books, and the owners are extremely helpful. They also have tarot readers – Cilla Conway (creator of The Intuitive Tarot) being one.

 Tarotpuu (The Tarot Tree) – a very different website from Finnish tarot enthusiast, Tero. At present only in Finnish, but some beautiful examples of tarot and a lovely bit in English about Pamela Coleman Smith’s birthday celebrations at Treadwells Bookshop this year. Please write the English version soon, Tero!
ree readings from a number of different packs including the Intuitive Tarot and the Devas of Creation. The readings are computer-generated and are intended to extend your own knowledge of the tarot, as well as thought-provoking readings

Watkins Bookshop, Cecil Court, London – even if you only visit London briefly, make sure you go to Watkins Bookshop. Their tarot selection is excellent, the staff are incredibly well-informed and they have a number of resident psychics.

The Psychic Cafe – this is the brainchild of Kim Arnold, founder and organiser of the UK Tarot Conferences. Each month the Cafe features a different theme: angels, tarot, numerology, palmistry, psychometry etc.

This is the site to go if you want to see examples of any pack, and for in-depth discussions on all tarot-related issues

Treadwells, 134 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London, specialises in esoteric and second-hand books. It is that rare find, an old-style bookshop where the owner really has gone out of her way to ensure that the customer is king. There are even comfortable settees to curl up in to browse.

My tarot blog Tarotcardmeaningsonline is picking up some great reviews. There are articles on the numerology, history, symbology and meanings of the cards, as well as articles on archetypes, reviews and more.
Website showing the top tarot websites; updated regularly


The Cosmic Tarot is a well-structured, intelligent website with professional tarot readings, tuition, and a useful page of links to publishers, artists and authors. There are sample readings and articles – spend some time there!