with Cilla Conway


‘I was amazed at how much you captured in the cards and the energy around. Not that I am not a believer but within the second card not even 5 minutes into the reading, you narrowed in one a very difficult situation that only happened days before seeing you. I came to see you for guidance and clarity and I got just that.’ Sophie, London

‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for a Tarot reading you did for me last July. It has made a big difference since, and started me on a road that is being enormously enriching.’ Phil, London

‘The reading was fantastic. It left me feeling optimistic and energised, exactly what I needed. For me, there seems to be a therapeutic element to your readings…’ Margaret, Brighton

‘I was very impressed by your caring but firm attitude, the way a number of fairly hidden things within myself were identified and illuminated, and the way both general and specifically practical advice on how to change things was offered, but not forced upon me.’ Neil, Shropshire

‘You put a positive/empowering slant on the cards … for your style of reading (which I see as psychological /profound/ thought-provoking) the readings are likely to be far more challenging, but at the same time have the potential for the querent to be proportionately more empowering/lifechanging’ …. Viv, Tarot Association of the British Isles

‘I read using… The Intuitive Tarot which I have found the most inspirational throughout my 15 years of reading.’ Anya, professional tarot reader,

‘I bought your Intuitive Tarot deck recently and I just love them. I’ve been reading cards since I was 16, which is twenty years ago now, and usually work with the Thoth deck, but yours are just sublime. I was actually thinking about giving up working with the cards and focusing on my counselling/coaching practice, but finding The Intuitive Tarot has reawakened my passion for the Tarot all over again. Thank you so much for birthing them into the world!’ Amanda, Totnes

‘I think it is wonderful for you to do readings with your own designed tarot cards. I am an artist and can appreciate not only the beauty of your cards, but how you are able to make them a working piece of art. I am truly honored.’ Teri, US

Creator of The Intuitive Tarot and the Devas of Creation cards, Cilla has been reading the tarot for more than thirty years. Her readings are powerful, sometimes challenging, and often have an inspirational, transformative effect.

Face-to-face consultations

Appointments in London or Surrey by arrangement (for details please email mail@the 1 hr and 1 1/2 hr readings.

Appointments booked as required: Atlantis Bookshop, Museum Street, London WC1 (tel 020 7405 2120) – 1 and 1 1/2 hour readings.

Tuesdays : Watkins Bookshop, Cecil Court, London WC2 (tel 020 7836 2182) – 1/2 hour and 1 hour readings.

All readings are strictly confidential and can be taped.

Please note, however, that I specialise in career and soul path questions. I don’t do ‘will my boy/girlfriend come back to me’ readings.

Telephone and Skype consultations

Please email for an appointment. Payment must be made in advance by paypal or money transfer (three working days are required to clear payment of the latter). Telephone or Skype tarot readings are available strictly by agreed appointment, and last 30 minutes or an hour.

For contact and pricing details,
please click here: (MS-Word file, 21 kb):
or email for more details

*Corporate and special events …*

Parties with a difference

The services of an experienced Tarot reader can add that special ‘wow’ factor to your party,
and ensure your guests remember it!

Cilla caters for promotions, product launches, special events, client or staff entertainment.
Readings normally last approximately 10 minutes, but can be shortened or extended, depending on your requirements.

Cilla reads with The Intuitive Tarot and the Devas of Creation, both designed by her.

If required, she can give a brief introductory chat, about the Tarot or about the Devas.

Mimimum 3 hour booking (on site) applies. Dress: as per arrangement


Deva consultations

Cilla also works with her deck of The Devas of Creation cards which look at the higher-level energies and influences you may need in your life. Depicting the ‘Shining Ones’, energies similar to angels although more primordial, the Deva cards work on a deeper, more interactive level than the tarot – in other words, you yourself contribute to the reading process. By relating to the images instinctively and sometimes viscerally, the powerful images resonate in your unconscious mind, staying with you and becoming part of your changing psyche.