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Extrasensory awareness

We are all more intuitive (or psychic) than we realise. It’s a natural ability to perceive far beyond our senses and logic; a flash of inspiration or insight; a gut feeling.

There are a number of different intuitive skills…

You may ‘just know’ things – claircognizant – the information just comes to you, with the sense that it’s important.

You may see things (clairvoyance) – either inside your head,or in the outside world, seeing energies and / or images. Far-seeing comes under this category.

You may be clairaudient. This is where you psychically hear thoughts, words, songs, or other sounds.

Then there’s clairsentience – perceiving information through a sensation in your physical body.

Clairscentrist people sense through smell – tobacco, alcohol, a scent of candles, rosewater, etc (this is often reported with thoughts of spirit presence).

Clairgustant is psychically tasting a substance, liquid or food without actually putting it in your mouth.

Isn’t it odd, though, that we weren’t told about this at school? We know facts and figures (well, we tried to learn them) – but stuff like this is usually thought of as a bit odd. This is because our society rates the processes of one side of the brain over the other. The left brain thinks sequentially and objectively, and for a couple of centuries this has been regarded as the highest mental achievement. Intuition and creativity – the processes of the right brain – were considered a primitive ability (women’s intuition).

o The left-brain is step-by-step, sequential, logical, ‘objective’, deals with facts and details; it’s reductive.
o The right brain is holistic, makes jumps, emotional and often slightly melancholy, sees the big picture.
o In normal brains there is a continual flood of information from one side of the cortex to the other.

It’s almost certain that the so-called ‘higher’ processes of left brain developed later than the right. Early humans seem to have had an almost magical ability to think themselves into different states of mind – for example by far-seeing groups of animals and connecting to specific animals which would then ‘offer’ themselves as sacrifices. Today we still use our intuitive skills – visualisation and active imagination – to access the intuitive realms, and this is what we use to read the tarot.


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